Find Premium-Grade Medical Flower

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There are many inventive ways to use medical cannabis. However, if you're looking to take the classic route, turn to The Grass Station for top-of-the-line medical flower.

We sell three different medical flower options, including:


Our cannabis flower is locally grown, so when you shop with us, you're supporting local business.

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Leave the rolling to us

Leave the rolling to us

You've had a long day and you want to unwind with a joint. Don't scramble to find the tools needed to roll one. The Grass Station sells quality, affordable pre-rolls.

There's a misconception that pre-rolls are often poorly made and unsmokable. But not at The Grass Station. We take the time to carefully roll our joints as if we were making them for ourselves. Rely on us to use good rolling paper and spread the flower evenly throughout.

Pick up some medical-grade pre-rolls today at 98 Bridge Street in Enfield, ME.